Our Story

In 2005, Sravan K Reddy passionately started Sri Siddartha physiotherapy center to serve children with Physical Developmental delay then he added other departments like speech therapy, occupational therapy, and Behavior therapy ABA to form the CDC (Child Development Center) from the year 2016. Today has grown to become the most comprehensive pediatric therapy center in Hyderabad, serving over 200 children every day.

From inception, our goal has been to provide quality therapeutic services designed to empower children with special needs and their families. Our founders – Dr. Y. Sravan K.Reddy.PT – created a program of quality, individualized physical, occupational, and speech therapy, with a strong emphasis on parent involvement.

Our goal is to help every child achieve maximum independence so they can experience the same opportunities and quality of life as other children. Our approach has always been family-focused. It is ultimately through the efforts of parents and other caregivers that a child is able to reach their full potential.

At Child Development Center, you will find one of the most experienced and highly trained pediatric therapy staff in the city. They recognize that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher and therefore involve them in every service provided.

Our Strengths

Compassionate, Helpful, and Respectful – We enthusiastically provide the best products and comprehensive services possible. We go to extraordinary lengths to improve the lives of the children and families who are referred to us.

Adaptive and Individualized Therapy – We challenge the status quo with innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit. We employ adaptive strategies and tailored therapy plans that impact your child’s overall rapid development. We strive for excellence, realizing there is always room for improvement in everything we do.

CDC Building

Our Journey