उत्थानेनामृतं लब्धमुत्थानेनासुरा हताः।
उत्थानेन महेन्द्रेण श्रैष्ठ्यं प्राप्तं दिवीह च॥

Only due to their efforts were gods able to acquire Amruta and kill demons; Only due to his efforts was Indra able to gain superiority in heaven and on earth.

– Mahabharatam-12 Shantiparva-057

A dedicated soul Y. Sravan Kumar Reddy working for the development of children with cognitive, behavioral, and neuro-motor challenges. He is diligently building one of the best service-providing child development centers (CDC) in Hyderabad.CDC, under Mr. Sravan’s leadership, professionals are trained to assess, treat and evaluate mainly autism spectrum (ASD) along with other neurological disorders or developmental disabilities affecting children aged o to 12 years.CDC experts treat developmental disabilities, syndromes caused by genetic disorders, cerebral palsy, slow learners, speech and communication issues, etc. We focus on detailed assessment, provide full-fledged advanced treatment approaches by closely monitoring the children’s needs.

Mr.Sravan Reddy is the first generation child development professional in the city of Hyderabad and he is dedicated and given his time to deal with every child though at times he has 200 children a day. He stood as an example and developed a unique way of treatments based on the symptoms which are customized to best fit the needs of every child.

Thousands of children with a history of ADHD/ASD, neuro and motor disabilities in the child development Unit while at the exclusive Autism School with the concept of integrating Advanced Combination of Verbal Behavior and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which proved efficient and delivered promising results. Sravana’s hard work inspired many to choose this sector and contribute immensely to society.

His achievements and contributions are exemplary and here are a few:

  • 16 Years of Excellence in Child Development Services.
  • First Autism School in the Twin States.
  • First neuro developmental therapy(NDT ) center in twin states.
  • Conducted First ever 3-Day NDT International Hands on Workshop on Trunk Stability in the year 2010.
  • Conducted WALK A MILE program in 2012/2014 On the Occasion of World Autism Awareness Day.
  • Hosted 3 week international NDT certification program on Adult Stroke In 2012 by IBITA.
  • Hosted international Certification course on sensory Integration ( all 4 levels) by WPS/USC (university of southern California) in the year 2012,2014,2016.
  • Hosted 8week international Certification course on Neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT) by NDTA USA in the year 2013, 2015, 2016.
  • Hosted 2 day International workshop on DECODING AUTISM by world renowned occupational therapist Kimberly Barthel in the year 2015.
  • Y. Sravan Kumar Reddy won the award “ The Most Exemplary Services in the field of Paediatric Rehabilitation “ by Telangana association of physiotherapists in the year 2015
  • Hosted 1 week international Certification course on Neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT) advance handling and baby treatment by NDTA USA in the year 2015 .