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Vocational Training

This program’s objective is to provide an opportunity for teens and adults affected with ASD or any other intellectual or physical difficulties to take up the job. Here they are given training through which they can learn some pre vocational and vocational skills. At CDC we support people with ASD where they are given vocational training in a closed environment within CDC and sound individuals are given an employment opportunity. Individuals can make the best use of such vocational training programs and workshop based training to enhance their skills.

We have some training programs which includes bottle painting, photo framing, thermocol cutting, electronic repairing works, crafts such as gift items and bags etc which can engage them and also they can seek employment by learning these skills. At CDC, Hyderabad we teach and train individuals the above skills as per their intellectual ability so that they can pursue employment or take up a small job or set up a small business on a small scale depending upon their ability.