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Paediatric Physiotherapy

At CDC, our well trained therapists make use of advanced Neurodevelopmental Therapy(NDT) to deliver the best results in children having developmental delays such as children who can’t sit, crawl and walk according to their age, when compared to other children. Gross and Fine motor skills are important as it lays the foundation to acquire high level advanced motor skills which needs accurate movement control.

At CDC we implement strategic programs like NDT which addresses the physical impairments and improves their musculoskeletal development. At CDC, our NDT specialized therapists are trained to assess the child’s motor skills functioning level, identify where the difficulty is and suggest a suitable program to improve child’s wellbeing which includes:

  • Specialized exercises which improves the muscle strength, helps gain control over balance and posture.
  • Sensory activities which enhances a child’s ability to recognize their body posture, balance and movements