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Children with Autism, learning disabled(LD), slow learners and other developmental disorder etc. Through Occupational therapy we can help children to function well at school, in society and at home environment. It’s imperative that around 60 to 70% of children have sensory modulation disorder also called processing disorder often express issues regarding the Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Paying Attention, giving eye contact,issues related to touch,behavior and social development issues etc. Our OT experts at CDC help you to assist these problems.

At CDC we have state of art sensory gym having three different concepts with nearly 10 therapists dedicated to help the children. Our OT experts use sensory integration(SI) approach to design activities to enhance the following skills in the children such as Self-Regulation, Attention, Multitasking activities,Gross motor skills like Balancing, Running, Jumping,catching/Throwing etc, Finger grasp,Scissors, Pre Writing Skills , ADL, Social Interaction etc.

How OT helps to support children :

At CDC, our experts are well trained in Sensory Integration (SI) to evaluate and address children’s sensory processing disorders. An OT works in close coordination with the child in a playful environment to help remove the obstacles which hinder the process of learning, allowing them to calm down and focus which is not possible without the OT due to their sensory processing disorder.

Based on the activity levels, low or high of the child, Sensory integration therapy is planed, the main focus is to ameliorate the capability of the brain to function and process sensory information for the child to perform their daily routines/activities.