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Every autism child’s symptoms are different and so are the needs. At CDC, we employ customised therapies based on Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA), Verbal Behavior(VBA),TEACCH method , and DIR floortime etc.

One-to-One Program

This program is designed specifically for children who is attending regular school and who needs individual care based on their own strengths and needs. Through one to one interaction we can closely monitor their levels of deficiency so that we can use the right technique which helps them to overcome the problem. The one to one therapy program uses intensive instructions and combination of teaching to help children to achieve tasks and progress stage by stage. The sessions are 1:1 and each child is assessed and program is designed specific to their needs.

Program for Infant Toddler

It’s important to screen and detect signs of autism spectrum disorder(ASD) in infants and toddlers at the earliest. Early detection of ASD makes a big difference in the child’s well being and behavior, besides it costs less if diagnosed in the initial stages. At CDC infants as young as 15 months are treated for ASD and we choose the right treatment plan which rectifies the disorders within and helps children to respond, to communicate, give eye contact, follow the moving objects, identify familiar objects etc.

Schooling for 3-12 years Children (Classroom program)

Children as young, in ages between 3 to 12 years if diagnosed with ASD or similar neurological disorders can attend the Individualized Education Program which has specific tasks and accomplished goals. A highly systematic program is designed in a suitable environment which enables children to learn naturally. At CDC we have a unique program where children are taught how to socialize, respond, communicate with others,art and craft,and ADL . We maintain 8:3 children to teacher ratio from 10am - 2pm.