Welcome to Child Development Center Hyderabad

Madhapur, Hyderabad.   Mon to Fri - 10am to 4pm  
040-29809280, 8466939095, 7901516563.

At CDC, our professionals are trained to assess, treat and evaluate mainly autism spectrum (ASD) along with other neurological disorders or developmental disabilities affecting children aged o to 18 years.

Our experts treat developmental disabilities, syndromes caused by genetic disorders, cerebral palsy, slow learners, speech and communication issues etc. We focus on detailed assessment, provide full fledged advanced treatment approaches by closely monitoring the children needs.

We cater treatments based on the symptoms which is customised to best fit the need of every child. We have a history of long journey of pride in serving children with ADHD/ASD, neuro and motor disabilities. Our pediatric therapy services started in the year 2005 with a group of professionals as “Siddartha Physiotherapy for Children” to treat children with motor disabilities and neurological disorders.

In 2008 we started exclusive Autism School with the concept of integrating Advanced Combination of Verbal Behavior and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which proved efficient and delivered promising results.

Our hardwork and success inspires us to do more,hence we started another Child Development centre in 2015, everyday we serve an average of 200 children with special needs at CDC